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Silestone® N-Boost


Silestone, the world's leading brand in the quartz surface, revolutionizing again the field of quartz worktops with an innovative new technological development called Silestone® N-Boost. Silestone® N-Boost

N-Boost lends a water repellent property to the surface of the quartz achieving an amazing level of stain resistance and easy to clean.
High resistance to impact and scratching, this tech eliminaties the micro-porosity caused by the polishing process and prevent any liquid penetration.
Also thanks to this new technological development colours are more authentic and shiny.
"N-BOOST is born, Silestone®'s revolutionary technology that improves the DNA of our surfaces. Innovation that prevents the adhesion of liquids, enhances shine and intensifies color."
The hydro-repellent properties of new Silestone N-BOOST prevents the absorption of everyday kitchen liquids. The new Silestone technology makes for easier cleaning and stain removal, even days after the spillage.
Silestone® now shines more than ever. N-BOOST creates a more even surface, causing light to reflect off it more intensely.
Thanks to N-BOOST technology, colours are more authentic and intense.
"Innovation is in our DNA," says Valentín Tijeras, Product and Innovation Director of Cosentino, "In our R&D Department we work constantly for the continuous improvement of our products, because we are aware that the path to success lies through the development of technologically advanced materials. With Silestone N-Boost we once again take a competitive lead in the market; to achieve the same result other manufacturers apply a sealant layer to the surface of the material, with the disadvantage that over the passage of time this wears out and stains eventually appear.
"The molecular fusion that we have obtained with Silestone N-boost lasts forever. The spectacular brightness and intensity of colour we have achieved with this treatment process is without doubt yet another differentiating factor that continues to position us in the vanguard in terms of innovation in the quartz surface sector."

Quartz with N-boots technology:
Eternal Calacatta Gold / Eternal Marquina / Eternal Statuario / Pearl Jasmine / Charcoal Soapstone / Iconic White / Eternal Serena

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