Granite are 100% natural stones quarried from the earth as enormous chunks of stone, cut to size and honed down until they are smooth.

The appearance of granite is not uniform because stones are coming right out of the earth and are not perfectly designed by nature. For that reason, granite samples can slightly differ from the stone you're ordering. Granite is extremely durable but because it's a natural stone can break or chip if subjected to heavy abuse. With a proper maintenance granite worktops can last for a lifetime and beyond. Granite needs to be sealed on a regular basis.


Granite worktops are durable, resistant to scratches, stains and heat resistant when regularly and properly maintained. Granite does require minimal care, including removing stains, sealing and daily cleans:

Daily Care:
Use a microfiber cloth and water to wipe clean your surface. Abrasive products or generic chemicals to clean your worktops are not recommended. You should prefer cleaning products specially designed for natural stone and avoid using highly acidic or cleaning products containing bleach. Always wipe spills immediately. Clean regularly by wiping them clean after each use. The best products are mixture of soap and water or alternatively special cleaning granite products.Apply the product on granite worktops with a soft sponge and gently blot. Rinse the sponge with water to remove excess soap. Rinse with hot water

Sealing granite:
Sealer for granite would need to be applied approximately twice a year or sooner if worktop is heavy used. Sealing close the pores inside of granite to make it resistant to the absorption of chemicals, acids, and other stainsYou can check if your granite worktop need sealing by applying a drop of water on the surface, if it starts to disappear it is not protected and will require sealing. if the water remains on the surface like a water ball its still protected.

Common Ways to Scratch Your Granite worktops:
Constant cutting without cutting board or dragging heavy appliances can heavily damage the granite worktop.

Place trivets for kitchenware taken straight from oven or cooktop.
Using hot pots and pans directly on worktop can damage it.