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Quartz Countertops Costs

Quartz Countertops Costs


Countertop materials vary from various stones including quartz, granite and marble.
A worktop in quartz for kitchens or bathrooms possesses the combination of being aesthetically striking and beautiful as well as stain-resistant, low maintenance and highly durable.
Quartz is often referred to as "engineered stone" this is because the manufacturing process mixes approximately 95% ground natural quartz with about 5% polymer resins. The combination of strong natural quartz gives quartz countertops great durability while the resins help to make the product non-porous (unlike natural stones). There are a number of manufactures, colors, and brands of quartz slabs. Each slab is created using the same general process, however brands will differentiate themselves with their selectiveness in raw materials, quality control, country of origin, and stylized colors. The brand, along with the popularity of a color, and the complexity of its design will influence the raw slab price from the manufacturer.
Cheaper brands and types of quartz typically come in more plain, while quartz most popular colors and styles are the marble look-a-likes.

Aside from edging and thickness, there are three main extra costs to take into account: windowsills, splashbacks and sinks.

Windowsills are often fitted in the same style as the countertops. Quartz windowsills will typically add another £300 to £500 onto an average installation.

Matching sinks also made from quartz are a popular addition to quartz kitchen countertops. Sinks can be fitted in the same colour as your quartz countertops.
A quartz sink will add another £250 to £500 onto an average installation.

Splashbacks can be fitted behind and around the sink or hob. Quartz splashbacks can add a further £100 onto an average installation.