Breakfast Bar & Island

Islands and breakfast bars have increased in popularity and can be a huge asset to a kitchen.

It is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can be used for storage, worktop space and as a dining and seating area.

There are a few things to consider before including an island:

  • Consider the proportions of your room:

You need to consider the proportions of kitchen overall and the island itself to avoid it being squeezed into too tight a space with not enough room to move around it or to open cupboards. As well it is important to avoid the island being too small for a larger room.

  • Island's propose:

It is important to think about how the island can be used to avoid being under- used.
Island are useful for extra storage space, informal dining, and a great additional social space to be together in family at meal times.
Also, it can be incorporated appliances on islands such as sink and hobs which it makes perfect space for food preparation.
Island and breakfast bars can also be used to used divide between cooking and relaxing areas

  • Overhangs:

Islands can be made in any shape as they don't have to be rectangular or square. They can also be curved or angled.
The usual maximum for an unsupported overhang is 300mm so larger overhangs will require extra support such as a downstand or a breakfast bar leg.

  • Island sizes:

Standard quartz slabs are generally manufactured in 3000 x 1400 mm but there some slabs available in jumbo sizes. Please check with our sales team the size of the slab.
For large islands we need to consider the access off-loading the island to fitting it in place. Stonemason will check on template if the large island can be installed. If the access is not good enough we may have to make joins in very large islands.

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