What is quartz

Quartz is the hardest mineral stone in nature after diamond, Saphire and topaz Quartz. Is comprised of 93% quartz, blended with 7% unsaturated polyester resins, additives, and inorganic non-fading pigments.

Where quartz can be used

Quartz is one of the hardest materials in nature, which is an assurance that your quartz surface will not easily scratch or chip. However, like most materials a good care and maintenance is essential. Quartz car be used in Worktops, island tops, splashbacks, floors, interiors and exterior wall cladding, vanity tops.

Benefits of quartz worktops

  • Incredibly low maintenance—no resealing required!
  • 7 to 7.5 on Moh's hardness scale, 4th hardest mineral.
  • Durable and resistant to heat, scratches, and stains.
  • Naturally occurring mineral with an organic appearance.
  • Non-porous, extremely hygienic, and easy to clean for personal or commercial kitchen countertops.

Quartz worktops prices

How can much a quartz worktop can cost?
There are multiple elements that can affect the cost of a quartz worktop: price differences between quartz colours and brands, thicknesses, type of edges, finish, and sink inserts and other extras. Find all information about prices here - quartz Prices

Differences between quartz contertops Brands

When looking for quartz countertops, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the different choices and names of quartz. There are many different brands of quartz countertops on the market. Caesarstone, Silestone, Compac, CRL, Classic quartz, and many others more. Unlike granite countertops, quartz countertop slabs have a brand name rather than just a colour name Color palette. The difference between quart brands are quartz styles, slab Quality, manufacturer Warranty, availability. Find all information about quartz Brands here - Quartz Brands

We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect worktop for your kitchen. With so many different quartz brands, colours and different prices, finding the perfect and durable luxury stone worktop surface within your budget is not easy but we are here to help you

Silestone quartz  - Mtstones Ltd

One of the most popular quartz brands, Silestone Quartz worktops feature over 60 colours and designs. It is the largest natural and engineered stone manufacturer in the world.


Silestone colours can be available in different thicknesses, sizes and finishes. Slab dimensions are 3040 x 1410 mm and 3250 x 1590 mm in Jumbo slabs.

When it comes to finishes, there is Silestone Suede (matt textured), Volcano (heavily textured) and polished with high-sheen.

Warranty - Silestone surfaces offer unique advantages and properties in terms of aesthetics, functionality and technical features. For this reason, Silestone provides a 25 year warranty.

caesarstone quartz

Caesarstone was the pioneer of the natural quartz surfaces market.

Caesarstone exports their quartz to 50 countries worldwide and offers both home and commercial applications for their products. Like Silestone, they are a market leader in quartz countertops.

Caesarstone Ltd manufactures premium quartz surfaces, which are used in both residential and commercial projects as countertops, vanities, wall cladding, floors and other interior surfaces.

Caesarstone surfaces don't need sealing, treating, polishing or any other form of maintenance, except a simple wipe clean with regular detergent and water.

WARRANTY: Caesarstone carry a lifetime warranty in domestic applications, ensuring complete peace of mind for your clients.

Compac quartz

Head office is in Spain Compac quartz it is the second largest Quartz supplier in the world with enormous bases across five continents.

Compac has a large number of colours to pick from. High resistance to scratching and the face its non porous makes it a fantastic chose for kitchen worktop and bathrooms.

Available in a polished finish and a Glacé finish. Slab sizes are 3000 x 1400 and available in 20 & 30mm in thick.

Warranty: Compac provides a lifetime warranty for all registered owners of installed technological quartz countertops


Global quartz is a match for well-known quartz products in design and quality, all the while offering exceptional affordability for the customer. An additional advantage of the affordable quartz range is its fast availability.

Slabs are available in jumbo 3200 mm x 1600 mm

Warranty: Global quartz offer a warranty of 10 years on their products


arma Surfaces are a London brand who merge materials, products and technology to create truly unique materials.

Karma Surfaces has included only the most current patterns and trends on the market today. From the classic Calacatta marble effect, to the latest trending Industrial look, the range is designed to give our consumers design driven and beautiful surfaces.

Warranty: Karma Surfaces offer a 25-year warranty on our products


Classic Quartz Stone is one of UK's leading Quartz suppliers, holding an impressive range of colours and designs for commercial & residential properties.

At CQ Stone, we are always looking for inspiration by improving our unique range with the current market trends.

CQ Stone was established in 2014 holding a small range of 10 designs. Over the following years we have expanded our range to over 60 designs.

With sizes from 3000x1400mm up to 3200x1600mm both in 20mm and 30mm thickness. These can used for many different applications, such as tiles, kitchen worktops, bathroom counter tops, fireplaces, wet rooms, and many other applications.

Warranty: Classic quartz Stone warrants to the residential owner-occupants of installed Classic Quartz Stones slab surfaces a ten (10) year warranty from the date of purchase


Nile Quartz Surfaces is a Quartz brand of Nile Trading UK ltd.

Nile Quartz has been in the forefront of innovation with a unique collection of Calacatta Quartz series which stands out distinct and tall from the crowd.
Nilestone Quartz surfaces are highly resistant to stain and scratch and made to almost any conceivable colour and design.
Nile Quartz Surfaces are made from best quality raw materials and latest technology in quartz worktop industry giving it all the characteristics needed for an elegant, resilient and long-lasting life.

Warranty: Nile quartz offer a 15 Years Warranty on all of our Quartz range.


Çimstone is an affordable quartz-based compound stone produced using Italian 'Breton' technology -- in Turkey.

Combining the natural stone textures with the robustness of quartz, Cimstone is reliably used for kitchens in particular due to its anti-bacterial hygienic composition.

Warranty: Cimstone offer 25 years warranty


Noblestone is an affordable collection of quartz colours, with a large a be beautiful and desirable collection of marble effects quartz.

All available in the Jumbo size slabs of 3200 x 1600, in both 20mm and 30mm thicknesses.

Noblestone are a trade supplier of Quartz Stone for the use in commercial and domestic property's, most popular in kitchens, bars and bathrooms.

WARRANTY: Noble Stone Quartz offers a 10-year warranty


The Horizon Stone Range" is an affordable collection of quartz colours, ranging from the best of basics White, Black & Grey Galaxy's, to beautiful and desirable marble effects.

All available in the Jumbo size slabs of 3200 x 1600, in both 20mm and 30mm thicknesses.

Horizon Stone are a trade supplier of Quartz Stone for the use in commercial and domestic property's, most popular in kitchens, bars and bathrooms.

Warranty: Horizon Stone range is covered for 10 years warranty.


CRL Stone has developed a comprehensive range of beautiful, engineered quartz surfaces, created to meet the demands of modern living. Hard wearing and easy to care for, CRL Quartz is ideal for the kitchen and bathroom where durability and flexible design are paramount.

CRL Quartz is available in a choice of over 40 colours, with a polished or honed finish. In thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm, the surface comes in an extra-large format slab, allowing for greater consistency in design over large spaces such as kitchen worktops.

Warranty: CRL Quartz comes with a 25-year warranty for added peace of mind. Visit crlquartz.co.uk to register your surface and activate your warranty.

✔ Aesthetic Consistency
✔ Does not stain
✔ Mechanical Resistance
✔ Resistance to high chemicals & High temperatures
✔ Withstands Heavy Traffic
✔ Resistance to Abrasion

✔ Durable
✔ Luxurious appearance
✔ Variety of Colours and Patterns
✔ Wide range of possible sizes
✔ Easy Handling
✔ A Multipurpose building materials


Quartz is virtually maintenance free and can be cleaned with extreme ease.
Common household spills - such as, tea, coffee, lemon juice, soda, fruit, vegetable juice, olive oil or grease spills - are easily removed and the surface can be restored to its original appearance.

Quartz is one of the hardest materials in nature, which is an assurance that your quartz surface will not easily scratch or chip. The use of a cutting board is nevertheless recommended.

To maintain the natural beauty of quartz, do not place hot skillets or roasting pans directly onto the surface but use a trivet instead.

For routine cleaning use a damp cloth or paper towel and, if necessary, a small amount of mild soap. Once clean, rinse and dry the surface thoroughly.
For stubborn or dried spills, use a nonabrasive cleaning pad such as a white 3M Scotch-Brite® scrub pad combined with a small amount of mild soap or specialized stone cleaner.

Quartz floors in high traffic areas should be cleaned daily with a clean, dry dust mop or soft bristle broom. Quartz floors in low traffic areas can be cleaned less frequently using the same method. Spills should be spot treated with the use of a damp mop or cloth towel and, if necessary, a small amount of mild soap or specialized stone cleaner.

A floor machine such as a slow speed buffer or walk behind scrubber can be used for larger commercial environments. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any haze residue that may diminish the shine and beauty of the floor.

Avoid exposing quartz to chemicals and solvents, especially paint removers or furniture strippers containing trichlorethane or methylene chloride. Keep away nail polish remover, bleach or cleansers that contain bleach, bluing, permanent markers or inks. While casual exposure to alkaline materials will not damage quartz, but highly alkaline (high-pH) cleansers are not recommended when cleaning quartz. If any of the substances listed above come into contact with quartz, rinse the exposed surface immediately and thoroughly with plenty of clean water.