Marble is a porous metamorphic rock that's formed over millions of years from limestone that's been exposed to intense pressure and heat. Marble patterns range from high contrast prominent veins to far more subtle tonal patterns. They are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. While predominantly known for being white, marble slabs are also available in other colours like greens, greys and blacks, from classic white to more exotic varieties. The main shade of marble is usually fairly consistent which makes the coloured veins to stand out to create a stunning statement worktop for your kitchen. One of the main advantages of marble worktops is their natural beauty. With a unique and luxury look, marble worktops add value and appeal to your house. Choosing marble worktops can be a good investment as prospective buyer is going to be impressed if they see a marble worktop. Houses with marble in them are known to be valued higher than those without is seen as a sign of luxury. However, because marble is a natural stone, it can be more prone to scratches and stains than granite worktops or quartz.
Marble worktops require more maintenance than quartz or granite worktops, they need to be sealed regularly to prevent staining and damage from liquids.

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How we quote for Marble worktops

Marble prices - Granite worktops vary in price very widely.

Marble comes in many different shades and patterns, allowing you to create a unique kitchen look that best reflects your style.

We work with big stone suppliers with a large choice of granite to ensure that you get the perfect granite for your project with best quality at the best prices.

With marble countertops, the size of the pieces will affect cost. The fewer, larger pieces there are in the countertop, the more the countertop as a whole will cost.

The relative rarity of some marble colours and hues may make them more expensive.

The demand for certain types of granite can affect the price of the stone you are purchasing. If there is a supply issue with a certain type of granite or a certain colour, there may be a higher demand meaning that the price of the stone could go up.

Considering your budget when choosing a granite colour is important. While some colors may be more expensive, remember that it is an investment that will last for many years. With that in mind, don't be afraid to splurge on a luxurious granite color that you love!

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  • Send us the kitchen plan or kitchen measurements and the marble you are interested.
  • Alternatively, you can send us a photo of the marble that you like and we search the granite for your project.
  • When you receive the quotes we can arrange an appointment visit so you can see the slabs in person

Every piece of granite is fairly unique in its patterns as it is natural stone. There are no granite samples available as a small sample does not give a good impression of a marble slab or granite worktop.

We recommend our customers to see the full slab in person. Even with fine grained materials, it is so much easier to get an idea of the possible look of your granite worktops by seeing a full marble slab.

We can arrange an appointment so you can visit one of our stone suppliers.