Moon Rock

Moon Rock is Ideal for use as Kitchen Worktop, Island Worktop or a splashback.
Also perfect for bathroom applications like Vanities, Bath Surrounds, and others.
Clean with regular detergents
No sealing or waxing!
Heat resistant

Mtstones - Kitchen worktop fitter

Features and Benefits of Global quartz quartz:

  • Resistant to high temperatures:

Global quartz quartz is resistant to high temperatures up to eighty-degrees and to freeze.

  • Extreme durability and strength, with high resistance to staining, scratching and impact.

Global quartz quartz has a low-porosity rating, making it highly resistant to staining. Compound made up of 90% natural quartz make it extraordinarily hard and resilient.

  • Low-maintenance and very easy to clean and care

Quartz countertops are the hardest stone surfaces, made from naturally occurring minerals that are one of the hardest (7 on the Mohs Scale of 10). Global Quartz offers a wide range of designed quartz surfaces with finest quality and premium surface finish at a very competitive price. Global Quartz is a franchise of Glowstone, and eco-friendly production house producing beautiful engineered quartz surfaces.

Global Quartz surfaces are 93% natural Quartz and 7% polymer resins. Each of the Global Quartz surface is non porous, homogeneous and highly durable. The debonair appearance provides the fell of natural stone with an unbeatable quality and panache. For those who value beauty, luxury and durability for their home decor, Global Quartz is the right choice. The natural sheen and glow lasts forever!
Quartz countertops are produced in a strictly controlled environment to meet the most stringent safety standards in both manufacturing and finished product. Our countertops have everything a good surface needs; they are nonporous, non-toxic, require no sealants or wax to retain the Global quartz Hygiene Standard, and are host no bacteria, mould, or mildew - remaining safe and hygienic for ultimate cleanliness. It is also extremely low maintenance, requiring only basic, everyday cleaning products.