Istone Bianco Mist

Istone Bianco Mist

iStone Bianco Mist quartz has a soft, dreamy white color with subtle accents of very fine cool gray grains. These very small dots are still visible when the material is viewed from afar, but on a closer look give off an interesting quality to the material.

This colour is available in:
Standar - 303 cm x 143 cm
Jumbo - 323 cm x 163 cm
Super jumbo - 3500 cm x 200 cm

Made to measure Istone Quartz for Kitchens Worktops, Bathrooms and wall cladding. Supply manufacture & Fit in 7 Days.

Warranty: 15 years

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Features and Benefits of Istone Bianco Mist

Resistant to high temperatures
Istone is resistant to high temperatures up to eighty-degrees and to freeze.
Extreme durability and strength, with high resistance to staining, scratching and impact.
Istone has a low-porosity rating, making it highly resistant to staining. Compound made up of 90% natural quartz make it extraordinarily hard and resilient.
Low-maintenance and very easy to clean and care
Quartz countertops are the hardest stone surfaces, made from naturally occurring minerals that are one of the hardest (7 on the Mohs Scale of 10). Istone uses up to 90% of the purest quartz particles, melded with resins and pigments to make the most resilient surfaces on the market
Quartz countertops are produced in a strictly controlled environment to meet the most stringent safety standards in both manufacturing and finished product. Our countertops have everything a good surface needs; they are nonporous, non-toxic, require no sealants or wax to retain the Hygiene Standard, and are host no bacteria, mold, or mildew - remaining safe and hygienic for ultimate cleanliness.
It is also extremely low maintenance, requiring only basic, everyday cleaning products.

Wide range of beautifully designed colours
Istone offers beauty and a wide range of colours and extraordinary textures like Polished and Honed:
The Polished finish offers a glossy surface that is highly resistant to staining and scratching

Jumbo slab formats
Istone offer the possibility of creating seamless panels or larger surface areas to be covered seamlessly and without joints in the surface.
Jumbo slabs are ideal for large islands or for maximizing the usage of the slab

15 years warranty Manufacturer's warranty
iStone quartz by RT Stone will warrant from the original date of installation material that fails due to any manufacturing defect when fabricated and installed by a iStone Certified Fabricator for a period of Fifteen (15) years

Istone Bianco Mist